Best Wallets For Men In 2016 Reviews-Top 10

Well, are you shopping for a new wallet for men for everyday use? And what’s your consideration  for buying a new wallet for men? Okay, it’s necessary to keep the following attributes to get value for money while it is tempting to purchase the cheapest in the market. The material used to manufacture your wallet of choice, for instance, should be exclusive, rip and tear resistant, and have a light you durable design that will not bulk your pocket when traveling. Storage space should be as large as possible and its closure system sturdy and able to secure all stored personals well. To save you the challenge or researching to get a quality wallet that meets the foregoing threshold, this article has sifted through your available options to bring you the top 10 best models that you will never regret buying. They are professional-grade, manufactured using the best quality components in this niche, and have functional designs that you will enjoy using on an everyday basis.

10. UsefulThingy Wallet

UsefulThingy Men Wallet

Manufactured using a genuine brown themed leather that does not stain nor lose its aesthetic value over time, UsefulThingy is a durable two-toned men’s wallet with a spacious bifold design that does not cramp pockets when in use. Apart from its elegant design, many people like this one of kind wallet because of the impressive storage space it offers. With an original model, you will be able to store your debit and credit card, ID, license, and even cash without compromising their safety. The advanced RFID-blocking technology that comes integrated keeps your personal information safe while its sturdy and well-sewn design withstands everyday abuse well without tearing and or losing its shape over time. UsefulThingy is affordable and has a 100% money back guarantee.

9. Harrm’s Trifold Wallet

Harrms-Trifold-Men Wallet

Manufactured using 100% Italian cattle leather, Harrm’s is an executive tri-fold leather wallet with a durable and spacious design that has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Even though cheap, this beautifully constructed front pocket wallet is premium and one of the most recommended for carrying money to work and or school hassle-free. It is USA-made, has tough stitching that maintains its integrity over the years, and has integrated ID and credit card slots (nine) that come in handy on the road. It also has a large double bill compartment, a leather buckle that guarantees optimal safety, a thick zipper closure system, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


8. Aonal RFID Wallet

Aonal-RFID-Men Wallet

An excellent travel accessory for men, this RFID-ready wallet for men by Aonal is a premium bi-fold accessory with a built-in credit card protector that comes in handy. Construction is sturdy using high-quality leather. Seams are tight and appealing while the military grade shielding technology that it comes with prevents thieves from getting a hold of your identity, bank details, and other personal data. Measuring 4-1/3 x 3-1/2 x 1/2-inches, this wallet is not only compact but also lies comfortably in the pocket the minimize irritation. It is also light (4.8 ounces), has a classic bifold design that does not fray nor weaken over time, and is attainable cheap in most stores.


7. Dante RFID Blocking Wallet

Dante-RFID-Blocking-Men Wallet

Designed to secure up to 10 cards without bending and or lowering their value in any way, Dante is a spacious men’s wallet with a light and portable design that fits comfortably in pockets. It is stylish, manufactured using a treated and well-finished leather that lasts long, and has a safety and privacy tested and approved design with an advanced RFID technology that blocks all 10MHz to 3000MHz scanners. The two currency slots that it comes with are spacious while its center flip ID section grants you quick access to your ID cards when going through security checks in offices or airports. If you are a driver, you can also use the flip to secure your driver’s license and enjoy quick access to it on demand. Dante is affordable, does not require special maintenance, and has a hassle-free (100%) money back guarantee.



6. Radix One Slim Wallet

Radix-One-Slim-Men Wallet

Are you tired of the bulky wallet that you received as a gift for your birthday? If you are shopping for a replacement and want a slim and stylish model that you can carry hassle-free to work or school, Radix is one of the best around. Significantly thinner and durable than its competition, this wallet is fun to use, particularly by people who travel a lot and like to carry their bank cards and money along. It also has a spacious interior that fits up to 10 cards comfortably and money, has a durable polycarbonate body that withstands everyday abuse well, and has a compact, low profile, and comfortable to sit on design that will improve your overall experience over time.


5. Travelambo Wallet

Travelambo-Men Wallet

A dominant player is the RFID enable line of wallets for men, Travelambo is a versatile accessory made of a durable and genuine leather that most buyers appreciate. It looks great and fits comfortably in pockets. It light and well-sewn design is travel-worthy while its novel RFID blocking technology covers the 13.56MHz frequency range. If you travel with your debit or credit card often or have a digital ID or ID badge in your wallet, you do not have to worry about pickpockets scanning and stealing your personal information. With an original, you get 10 accurate card slots, a quick access ID window that comes in handy in security checkpoints, two long top slots for storing tickets and money, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers all manufacturing defects.

4. Hammer Anvil

Hammer-Anvil Men Wallet

Popular in top 10 best wallets for men in 2016 reviews, Hammer Anvil is an RFID-safe front pocket wallet for men with a minimalist money clip that secures bundles of cash well and a genuine leather body that resists tears and rips. If style or aesthetics is a major concern, this wallet has a striking design that will attract you numerous compliments at work or school. The RFID technology that comes built in secures several types of credit and debit cards well while its compact 4 x 3-1/4 x 1/8-inch design is compact and very easy to transport even on long journeys. Hammer Anvil has six card slots, a large money and receipt with a convenient top center access, and a nice leather case that works well on both back and front pockets. You will appreciate its value.



3. Distil Union

Distil-Union Men Wallet

Purchase Distil Union to get a slim bifold leather wallet for men that is perfect for transporting cash, bank cards, and other personals. Manufactured with the everyday user in mind, this wallet is light and portable. Its spacious interior fits cash and up to 12 credit cards while its striking design is exclusive and does not bulk pockets as some traditional models often do. Pricing is decent. Maintenance is also simple while the one-year manufacturer’s guarantee that it comes with covers all structural and manufacturing defects that may develop. Buy a new one today to carry money, your credit cards, and your debit cards worry-free and in style.


2. Leopardd RFID Wallet

Leopardd-RFID-Men Wallet

With an original Leopardd RFID wallet for men, carrying money, credit cards, and debit card to and from work and school is no longer a chore. Even though cheap, this leather wallet is exclusive and has an advanced RFID-blocking technology that will keep your identity and personal information safe from pickpockets and or prying eyes. The premium-grade Napa leather used to manufacture it lasts long while its spacious and well-secured design offers sufficient storage space for money and cards without compromising comfort and or safety. Leopardd comes backed by a 100% money back guarantee.


1. Alpine Swiss Wallet

Alpine-Swiss Men Wallet

By far one of the most trusted brands in the men’s wallet niche, Alpine Swiss has offered users valuable products over the years with this hybrid (both bifold tri-fold) wallet ranking among the best. The quality leather used to make it is premium-grade. Its slimmer 4-1/4 x 3-1/4 x 1/2-inch design fits comfortably in pockets while the 12 card slots, ID window, and three card pocket that it comes with makes it an ideal travel accessory for both executives and individuals alike. You also get a leather lined interior for optimal protection, well-finished seams that do not run over time, and a fully lined bill section.

Are you shopping for a new men’s wallet? Are you having a problem choosing among the tens of products in the market? The 10 wallets reviewed herein are among the best in 2016. Purchase one to get a durable and affordable product that offers sufficient storage space for credit cards, debit cards, and most importantly, money.


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