Celeb Bag Market is Fairly Hot for Mid-January

Celebrity Designer Bags

Nonetheless, exciting things are happening.Stella McCartney’s reinvented Falabella line is everywhere, Gucci popularity remains on an even keel, and Fendi and Louboutin bags seem to be oddly popular. Other brands are sure to have their moments in the coming weeks,… Continue Reading

Celebs Gear Up for Awards Season with Beautiful Bags from Gucci, Saint Laurent, & Longchamp


Celebs have adjusted their bag game accordingly, of course. We’ll be seeing a lot more event carpet pics from nominee brunches, nominee dinners, galas and vaguely awards season-related charity events in the near future. And, as is our custom, we… Continue Reading

2016 Top 10 Best Handbags For Women Reviews

Scarleton Large Drawstring Handbag

2016 has seen an almost unparalleled proliferation of handbags for women coming to the market. This development has, in all likelihood, resulted from increased demand for more functional handbags which still retain their inherent fashionable design. As a discerning woman… Continue Reading