Distil Union Wally Bifold 2017 BestMen’s Wallet

Travel safe, travel light, grab one of the best wallets for men and walk around the world freely. This 2017 best men’s wallet by the Distil Union represents what every man should own. It is the improved version of the previous Wally wallet, and it looks and feels much better now. It features patent-pending FlexLock pockets which are way better than the usual wallet pockets thus helping you keep and protect your credit cards and ensuring that your identification is totally safe.

Distil Union Men’s Wallet

For those who have gone through the struggle of trying to locate or replace lost credit cards will appreciate having a great wallet as you will know where to get your cards any time you need them. This wallet also features a slim billfold construction combined with Wally Pull-Tab enabling you to access your cards with ease. This also helps in keeping your cards in a good state while at the same time, increasing the durability of your wallet as there is no strain in getting the cards in or removing them.

The wallet also features an adjustable money clip to eliminate excess and unnecessary material that creates bulkiness in your wallet making it less comfortable to carry around. This way, you can carry the wallet in any pocket, front or back, and still experience utmost comfort no matter the kind of tasks you will be on. The wallet itself is so light yet very strong that it feels comfortable in whatever way you choose to carry it. Even after loading it with your cards and dollars, you will still find it super light even when in your front pocket.

In addition, this wallet is Fully NFC compatible. This means that you will be getting the most out of keyless entry and tap-to-pay cards as you won’t have to remove them from the wallet. This is good news especially when you are in a hurry because you will avoid the hassle of getting the cards out then returning it which might feel like forever when in some situations.

This wallet is also built to last. It features the premium full-grain leather, and it’s then skillfully crafted to form hand rolled edges thus withstanding many years of brutal use. As long as you get the original wallet, there are cheap imitators; you will enjoy using it for many years.

distil union wally wallet

The Good

  • Features a slim billfold construction enabling you to carry enough money with ease
  • Features the Wally Pull-Tab plus adjustable money clip to eliminate excess and unnecessary materials that create bulkiness in your wallet
  • The leather material used is super slim thus making it ideal for carrying in either the front or back pocket
  • It is fully NFC compatible
  • Features high-quality premium full-grain leather and it is skillfully and carefully crafted with hand-rolled edges.


The Bad

  • Does not have RFID shielding layer but you can purchase some separate RFID sleeves, which are very cheap by the way, then use with Wally

Distil Union Wally Bifold - Slim Genuine Leather Wallet for Men


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