Prada Diagramme Flap Bag


Every designer brand has their own iconic shoulder and tote bag. Prada’s most precious tote bags are the Galleria Bag, Paradigme Bag and the Double Bag. But what about the flap bags? Well, we think the Prada Diagramme Flap Bags might be the next signature handbag. Let’s hope it stays in the game long enough to become an ionic.

And btw, there is already a Camera Bag version of the Diagramme style released.

The Design


First of all, Prada has invented a complete new type of quilting. It looks modern but very sophisticated. The flap part is horizontal and vertical quilted. The bottom part is nicely curved quilted.


The flap has a nose-like design and the center is crafted with the new Prada Bags Debenhams logo. This handbag is the house’s latest design and it looks like it will pave its way to the iconic status. Also this handbag comes with a long chain strap for shoulder and cross body carry. The durable calfskin leather makes sure you can be fashionable without the need to baby this bag. So what do you think?

The Interior


This flap bag is perfect as an everyday handbag. It looks timeless and beautiful. The interior is made with two pockets and one is with zip. The inside is big enough to store your daily essentials and more.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 6 x 14 x 24 (D x H x W) cm, priced at €1450 euro, $1750 USD, $CAD, £1220 GBP, ¥204120 JPY, ¥13,450 CNY.

Somewhat over a year ago, Prada Bags Amazon delivered me this bag together with my initials on it. I loved it instantly. Prada Nylon bags were really one of my very first handbag true loves, and also the bag I carried during college was a distinct Prada Nylon Messenger Bag. I started using this bag when Prada sent it loved how heavy it is and how simple it’s to carry a lot of things within it. I shifted my bags out several times, but wound up deciding to use this bag straight after Millie was born (although I have an actual Prada Diaper bag I’m planning to change to shortly–can you find a pattern here?!) . This Prada bag became by regular bag for myself and Millie, and it has worked out very well. I’d so much amazing guidance from you all about what to do about a baby bag, but here is what I have used the first five weeks–I want to break it down to you below!I give this bag a 3.5 star rating on aesthetics, and actually could be rated a bit less because there is not anything super special about a north-south black nylon tote. What makes this bag stand out is my ribbon on the back–I really like that aspect. Occasionally when I throw the bag over my arm, I’m not sure which side is facing outside, but it’s pretty cool that it’s my initials (the MMD is for Meaghan (Megs) Mahoney Dusil, I kept my last name combined with Vlad’s). My initials were inserted in different colors on the rear of the tote and I really love them. They are large–put in the lower right hand corner–and it makes this bag truly my own.

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