Prada Diagramme Tote Bag


The Diagramme Bag Collection has just been launched and already it’s packed with a flap bag, camera bag and now a new addition will join the group – the tote bag edition. The Diagramme is the latest quilted leather type – it’s made by Prada Bag Size 30 and the design is quite sophisticated. There is also a chance that this handbag will join the rank of the house’s iconic, because all of the Diagramme’s are made with a classic look.

The Design


So what’s this Diagramme about? Well take a look at the quilting; you’ve got everything there; horizontal, vertical as well as curved quilting, all in one design. The tote bag version is bigger and roomier than the flap or the camera bag. So if you like this style but needs more spaces, then this version is the rational pick.

Made from calf leather, it comes with two leather handles and a detachable leather strap for shoulder carry or cross body. The logo is new and modernized, it’s crafted on the front in gold or silver hardware (depending on the shade of the bag). For now this Diagramme Bag is only available in solid color and classic style, but perhaps there will be more sophisticated-print-editions available in the future.


What’s more? For the ultimate-chic’ness, it comes with a luggage tag and an elegant lock on the side.

The Interior


Zip the bag open to see the interior, it will not disappoint you. Just like a duffle bag, it comes with one big main compartment. There is also two pockets inside, with one including a zip.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 3’ x 6’ x 9.5’ (D x H x W) inches, priced at $1730 USD, €1400 EUR, £1260 GBP, ¥220320 JPY, 13950 CNY.

More Images And Colors










When Vlad and I watched first saw these bags, I spent time playing with the very long leather loop, occasionally tucking it in so it wasn’t as bold and other times leaving it to hang extended enjoy the attention-getting runway styling. Tucking the loop below only works on the Plex Ribbon bag, since you are able to slip the fold to the plex closed, while on other variations, the mechanism to open and close the bag is a little different. There are several different design options when it comes to the shoulder tote, such as an ornate, jeweled metal turnlock closure plus a contemporary floral print, as well as clean pairings of colour and easy hardware. Each shoulder tote offers an optional shoulder strap–some leather, others chain–that makes it possible for each tote also to be considered a clutch. I love this version of the bag; it’s just the right size and it stands out as a fashion accessory which easily stands differentiates itself from others on the market. I already sung my praises for this particular bag, and after viewing additional renditions, I find myself really loving the simple metal grip with the beautiful begonia pink and black printing. He inside of these totes supplies plenty of distance, with two interior pockets, one with a zipper closure. I find many Prada luggage to produce a lot of sense in regards to interior storage, and while these bags are not huge, how owners will use the compartments and take the bags was clearly taken into consideration. Dimensions of the leather versions with the metal grip are 11″ x 6.2″ x 2.3″, which implies the bag is extended but stays close to a body if you are using the shoulder strap (or under your arm, if you’re carrying it as a clutch). The jeweled version is somewhat smaller and clearly a tad heavier due to the embellishments.


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