Prada Logo PVC Tote Bag


From time to time, we will bounce into a handbag that makes think like: ‘this is interesting’. Well, a few days ago we discovered the Prada Logo PVC Tote Bag. This handbag is obviously different than what we are used to – no saffiano leather! Perhaps this bag is the ideal shopping bag, or for the moments when you have a lot of stuff to carry. The PVC also makes it perfect for the rainy days.

The Design


This Logo Tote Bag is crafted with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which will protect your stuff inside from the rain. The PVC is also making your bag transparent and your audience will be able to look inside your bag and see what kind of stuff you’re carrying.

Chanel has previously designed such a handbag and it was seen on the runway. They put a Classic Flap Bag inside, which boasted the overall appeal of the transparent tote bag.

The colored part of this PVC Tote is made from calf leather. For example, the handles as well as the top edge and bottom edge are all crafted from leather. The center features the house’s iconic logo and it reads: ‘Prada Milano’. This bag has a nice V-shape with a spacious interior.

The Interior


The interior is spacious. This bag is ideal for the busy woman, or you can use it as a back-up/second bag. If you have kids, then you can put all the necessities inside and you’re good to go.

Inside this bag, you will also find a zip pouch in the same color as the handles. This pouch is made from cotton canvas and can be used to secure your more important essentials. And because this part is not transparent, you can put your wallet and keys inside.

The Prices And Sizes

Prada Logo PVC Tote Bag
Size: 29.5 x 26 x 17 (H x W x D) cm
The main compartment is the section in which my Millie essentials live. I really like I can divide them and possess them in their own area. This means Millie’s diapers and toys aren’t touching my random cash and receipts flying round my bag, and I like that aspect since the snap pocket compartment looks ‘dirtier’ with all the items which are thrown inside it.Millie’s items aren’t actually that heavy unless her wipes are super complete, which I attempt to avoid a brand new wipes bundle because it takes up a lot of space and is really heavy. Her stuff only takes up more room, and I like that this bag has enough room I can easily place everything inside and watch down to the item I need. The snap pocket is used for my items. I have my wallet in there, a couple bites, normally a water bottle, also, I want to be honest–receipts are flying around in there. There’s my inhaler, hand sanitizer, a few money and other random items too. I adore this pocket. I never zip this up and also my things never fall out. This is really where my smaller essentials move, and the pocket is not deep so that it’s easy to find everything. When I accidentally drop my phone keys into the primary compartment, then it ends up taking me quite a while to find them, so I try not to do that.
Prices: $1040 USD, €830 euro, £720 GBP, $1460 SGD, $7650 HKD

Prada Large Logo PVC Tote Bag
Size: 35 x 30 x 25 (H x W x D) cm
Prices: $1100 USD, €880 euro, £770 GBP, $1550 SGD, $8100 HKD

Where to shop the Prada Large Logo PVC Bag?

1. Luisa Via Roma – you can find the Logo PVC Tote in bright colors here.

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